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Agents 1. Ambino Rainpow PSU cable

Đức an PC - Ambino
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Agents 2. PC monitor Backlight, Desk LED strip lights

Đức an PC - Ambino
Ambino - Letter

Ambino would like to send our respectful greetings to our partners
Ambino Science and Technology Joint Stock Company is one of the enterprises manufacturing and trading in computer modification and decoration products, Smart TV, helping the experience of technology to a new level. Ambino aims at quality products, constantly developing and improving product lines.
With the aim of expanding and providing the best utility services to customers, Ambino would like to invite cooperation to our partners, Gaming Stores / Companies, Hi-end interested and looking forward to business sales of the Ambino product line .

Invitation to cooperate

For more information, please contact Ambino:
Hotline: 0968.892.921     Email: ambinogroup@gmail.com

* Request partner:
- Having Website for sale Gaming, Hi-end.
* The benefits of becoming an Ambino agent:
- Enjoy a discount for the agent.
- Trained, and guided to use the Ambino product line.
- 24/7 communication and support. 

We are very pleased to receive the attention and cooperation from the partner fund!

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