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Wow! Ambino Black is now called Edge

Gradient Background

Now you can experience RGB lighting up to the beat of your music. With the Ambino Edge LED panel set, you'll experience high-end flexible custom RGB effects at a much more affordable price point. Using the most advanced RGB Led on the market, Ambino Edge opens up a unique Gaming space. With a variety of preset effects and the ability to customize individual effects according to each color area.

Sử dụng nam châm 3 cấp độ

Ambino Edge LED table side can now adjust the light direction in 3 levels of direct projection, 33° angle, 55° degree angle thanks to the use of specially designed magnets.

Use 3 levels of magnets

Giải pháp cho bàn có Arm màn hình

Solutions for desks with monitor arm

You don't have to worry about removing the screen arm to be able to use the LED edge of the table anymore. Ambino Edge solved this problem!

LED cạnh bàn Ambino Edge

Shock resistance

Ambino edge - chống va đập

Each LED bar is equipped with a thick layer of MICA plastic that protects the leds from strong impacts such as when you accidentally push the table against the wall.

Mượt mà hơn - ambino edge

Smoother than ever

The transition effect is smoother due to the layout of 40 pixels/meter.

Hàng triệu màu sắc và hiệu ứng - ambino edge

Lots of colors and effects

Thanks to being completely processed on a computer, LED can reproduce more than 16.7 million colors, in addition to the feature of flashing to music, bright according to Canvas, bright according to the screen, color resolution, static color, bright when shutdown...

Ambino edge - thuận tiện trong việc nâng cấp bàn

Flexibility with table size upgrades

With the use of interconnected LED bars, the Ambino Edge set can be flexibly adapted to different table sizes. 

Ambino edge kết nối dễ đàng tiện lợi

USB connection 

Eliminating complicated PCI connections, Ambino Edge is now simply plug and play.
USB 3.0 connection makes data processing faster, LED responds faster.

Ambino edge dễ gá lắp, vệ sinh

Easy to install and clean

The magnets with strong suction keep the LED bar always in place, moreover, the situation of glue stains on the table wall when removing the product is completely gone.

Control software Adrilight

(The software is compatible with all mainframes, and all windows operating systems). There are many unique effects such as flashing to the music, adjusting the brightness mode, the brightness speed to your liking. User  can create their own effects.

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Linh kiện
Thông số kỹ thuật


Jack góc của led dán cạnh bàn edge
Bộ điều khiển USB của led dán màn hình edge
Đế nam châm led dán cạnh bàn edge

Corner Jack

Used to connect LED bars when passing the screen Arm

USB connection

Speed up data exchange, easy and convenient connection


Using 3 angle magnets super suction to fix LED better 

Which Ambino Edge set is right for you?


  • 03 - 30cm LED bars 

  • 01 - 20cm LED bars 

  • 01 - 10cm LED bars 

  • 01 - USB Controller

  • 01 - set of installation 

  • Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu

1.2 m

LED dán cạnh bàn edge 1.2m

Ambino Edge for 1.2m desk length

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2 m

  • 05 - 30cm LED bars 

  • 02 - 20cm LED bars 

  • 01 - 10cm LED bars 

  • 01 USB Controller

  • 01 set of installation 

  • Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu

Led dán cạnh bàn edge 2m

Ambino Edge for 2m desk length

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